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The Republican seemed to be half-joking when he suggested at a North Dakota appearance that he's debate Sanders, the Vermont senator running for the Democratic nomination, if the event could raise money for women's health groups. "Let me begin by telling you something I just learned a few moments ago and which excites me very much," Sanders said as he opened a speech Thursday in Ventura.


If ever the adage "Good things come to those who wait" were applied to a local musician's career, there's probably no better candidate to bestow that tag on than Robert Ramirez. Ramirez's roots in the local music scene go back, way back: to the early 1980s when Nardcore was in its infant stages and the young musician was honing his chops in punk rock bands.


$20-35. Rancho Santa Susana Community Park, 5005 Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley. For more information, visit www.simicajun.org .


U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday will continue his swing through California. The Democratic Party presidential candidate will host rallies in Ventura, Pomona, San Pedro, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Bakersfield and Fresno.


The employees of local Santa Barbara and Ventura moving company Movegreen donated their time and two moving trucks Saturday, May 14, to assist the 2016 National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive in loading and off-loading at two Post Office sites. Sheeler Moving, the company acquired by Movegreen in early 2015, had been involved with the food drive for five years, and Movegreen CEO Erik Haney wanted to maintain the relationship and help out the cause.


$5-12. Strawberry Meadows, College Park, 3250 S. Rose Ave., Oxnard. For more information, visit www.strawberry-fest.org .


Dog-friendly Arroyo Verde Park on Foothill Boulevard is a favorite of locals in Ventura. Proud owners parade their pets in a green meadow, while families with small children set up their BBQ's for the afternoon picnics beneath the shade of towering pines and Eucalyptus trees.


The Mexican sweet breads known as pan dulce are different than many other, particularly European, pastries. Generally not flaky, like croissants or strudel, or layered with cream, like a Napoleon, or glazed, like a doughnut, pan dulce tend to be a little bit drier, and a lot less sweet.


Only in recent weeks have we covered the much-needed arrival of Ventura's first real Korean restaurant and finally welcomed a ramen-ya , but with Rice Thai, Rice by Mama and Savory, downtown has got your Thai down "pad." Yet none of these Thai eateries has enjoyed the longevity and reliability of Tipps, a no-nonsense spot that's been serving Thailand's delicacies locally since 1983.


While a handful of Ventura County's musicians have crossed the international date line in pursuit of fame, fortune and exotic cuisine, Rubberneck Lions may be the first to not only visit Taiwan, but to literally risk life and limb gaining a fan base of tiny, screaming Asian women mesmerized by facial hair. Though spontaneously planned, Rubberneck Lions' decision to spend 10 days in Taiwan was not completely random.


Earlier this week, BuzzFeed's interview with President Obama - which was billed as a historic, real-time Facebook Live event - never got on track, stalling with a frozen screen after only a few minutes. But Facebook Live's potential for extremely engaging content still seems right in front of marketers to dive into.


Police wearing body cameras experienced an increased number of assaults by civilians, a new U.S. and U.K. research study found. "Assaults against police officers were higher when police cameras were worn, versus when they weren't," said the study's co-author and RAND Europe researcher Alex Sutherland.


A 26-year-old man has been convicted of attempted murder in the shooting of a former mayor of the city of Ventura during a residential burglary. The Ventura County Star reports the verdict came Tuesday after Alejandro Valdez changed his plea from guilty to no contest.


Boss Smackdown: The Camaro 1LE came from the factory race-ready enough to take on the Mustang Boss 302; however, that wasn't enough for Lio Martinez Chevrolet's Camaro 1LE was developed to take on Ford's Mustang Boss 302, which was a formidable task considering the very demeanor of Ford's hottest 5.0L Coyote pony. However, never let it be said it couldn't be done.


General Magnaplate is closing its Ventura, California, facility after 36 years and will serve customers from its Texas and New Jersey operations. Candida Aversenti, CEO of General Magnaplate and daughter of founder Charles Covino, said there are two reasons for the facility closure: difficult business conditions created by the state of California, and the settlement of a potential lawsuit threatened by the Santa Barbara-based Environmental Defense Center , which claimed that General Magnaplate had violated the Clean Water Act, which the company denies.


New evidence from the largest-yet series of experiments on use of body-worn cameras by police has revealed that rates of assault against police by members of the public actually increased when officers wore the cameras. The research also found that on average across all officer-hours studied, and contrary to current thinking, the rate of use-of-force by police on citizens was unchanged by the presence of body-worn cameras, but a deeper analysis of the data showed that this finding varied depending on whether or not officers chose when to turn cameras on.


'I had a black eye. He told me if anybody asks, tell them some n****r did it': Jane Laut discusses the 29 years of abuse that led her to killing her Olympian husband in first TV interview after being found guilty of murder His wife claimed it was self-defense and that he had threatened to kill their adopted son, Michael, that night Jane told CBS' 48 Hours it was the boiling point after suffering verbal, physical and sexual abuse at his hands throughout their marriage Dave's family has remained adamant that Jane is a liar, despite his sister-in-law telling police that he was 'very verbally abusive' He was the sports star who would go on to become an Olympian, she was the homecoming queen.

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